Old School: Four Kreußlerian Foils

None of those are for sale… but this category of foil is one of the rarest in the giant scrap pile of historical foils…

The Secret History of the Sword

kr3From the late 1600’s until the first decade of the 20th century, the Kreußler method of thrust fencing dominated the use of the foil and “Rappier”. Here are four representative varieties of the weapons used…

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Fencing Saber, around 1900—Grundmodell Fechtsäbel

s4dThis no-frills fencing saber is the quintessential representative of its genre…


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Three-quarter Hilt German Fencing Saber—Fechtsäbel mit Korbgefäß

s3bThis heavy military-style fencing saber was made for New York-based J.H. Lau Co. within the first decade of the 20th century.



Rare Radaellian Children’s Saber—Kindersäbel nach Radaelli-Muster

s2aWho said kids shouldn’t be given pointy steel things to play with—like this Radaelli saber from late 19th-century Germany!


Another set of German fencing sabers—Deutsche Fechtsäbel, 1890-1910

s1dThis is a matched pair of German-made Fencing Sabers, probably dating from 1890 to 1910.


German Wrestling—Auerswald Options


Antiquarian copies of Fabian von Auerswald’s Ringer=Kunst (Art of Wrestling)


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Matched Pair of Bell-Guard Schläger—Ein Paar Glockenschläger, c. 1890-1920

schlager1Another matched pair of 19th-ct. German-made Glockenschläger with practice blades.


Pair of French Foils—Ein Paar französische Florette, c. 1960

A well-preserved matched pair of standard, French-style fencing foils, mid-20th century.


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Pair of German-Made Fencing Sabers—Deutsche Fechtsäbel, c. 1900-1920

saber1This is a matched pair of German-made Fencing Saber with Distinct Italian Influences.


Pair of Bell-Guard Schläger—Ein Paar Paukglocken; late 19th ct.


Matched Set of German-Made Practice Bell-Guard Schläger, c.1890-1910.