Pre-WWII Mensur-Schläger of an unknown fraternity, 1930


Mensur-Schläger of an unknown German fraternity, dated 1930.

This battered Mensur-Schläger (below, on the right) cannot be attributed to a specific fraternity. The standard early 20th-century basket and the basket inlay indicate heavy use. The green-white-red felt on the tierce side has been almost entirely removed, exposing the tin inlay. Hilt and blade are in good condition, the weapon retains its original sharkskin handle.

The weapon is dedicated to a “Hans Schulz” and shows the date “18.5.30”, or May 18, 1930. This is historically interesting as the National Socialists prohibited the Mensur in 1935.


Mensurschläger einer unbekannten Verbindung von 1930. (Rechts im Bild.)

Filzbespannung in grün-weiß-rot, ist auf Terzseite fast völlig abgetragen. Starke Gebrauchsspuren. Graviert mit dem Datum “18.5.30”, und “Hans Schultz Z!”. Klinge einwandfrei, feste Montur, mit Fischhautgriff.

Price: $150.00 plus s/h

Contact the seller here!

Mensur Schläger for sale

Detail of the engraving “Hans Schultz, 18.5.30”

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