Rare Four-Color Basket-Hilt Dress Schläger—Paradeschläger mit vierfarbigem Korb, c. 1950


Paradekorb, paradeschlägerA dress Schläger with rare four-color basket and etched blade—

Paradeschläger einer deutschen Verbindung, um 1950.

This is a dress basket-hilt Schläger that would either be worn by the officers (Chargen) of a German fraternity, or decorate the wall in a fraternity house. Only very few fraternities have more than three colors, so baskets with four color fields are very rare. The hilt lacks the tierce quill on (Terzbügel) that would be found on a typical 20th-century Mensur or practice weapon.

The blade is ornamentally etched and pointed, indicating that this weapon was used mostly ceremoniously, particularly in the Landesvater, a traditional song during which special friends face each other across a banquet table while their hats are taken and impaled on the weapon.



Paradekorbschläger mit Landesvaterklinge, ca. 1950-60, vierfarbig: weiß-rot-grün-weißer Filz, etwas vergilbt, keine Risse. Könnte sich um Corps Teutonia-Hercynia handeln, muß aber nicht. Kein Terzbügel, vernickelte, ziselierte Klinge mit Spitze und Ausstattermarke.

2016 Price Range 1: $175.00

SOLD 7/7/16



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