Matched Pair of Bell-Guard Schläger—Ein Paar Glockenschläger, c. 1890-1920

schlager1Another matched pair of 19th-ct. German-made Glockenschläger with practice blades.

This pair resembles a set of Glockenschläger we listed earlier, except that both specimens lack the crossbar in the hilt. This resulted in considerable reduction of the weight of each weapon and shifted the balance point further down the blade.

The blades are ovoid practice blades (Paukklingen), both are stamped “L W R” near the hilt.

Bell and knuckle-guard show traces of blade impact.

The longer handles are cord-wrapped hardwood, and end in conical pommels.

Like most practice weapons, they are hard to date, however, the riveted tangs point at the second half of the 19th century.

Will only be sold as pair.

Total Length: 41″

Hilt-to-Tip: 34″

Balance Point: 4″ from hilt.

Weight: 750 and 850 grams, respectively.

Depth of guard: 2″

Diameter of guard: 5″

2016 Price Range 3: $300.00 for the pair, plus s/h

Contact the seller by clicking here!




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