Pair of Bell-Guard Schläger—Ein Paar Paukglocken; late 19th ct.


Matched Set of German-Made Practice Bell-Guard Schläger, c.1890-1910.

This is a matched set of German-made bell-guard Schläger, possibly made for export, that overall have weathered to a “Brown Bess”-like patina.

The weapons are heavy, but by and large correspond to modern practice “Glocken” as they are still used in Germany at universities situated east of the River Elbe. Both blades bear the outfitter’s mark of “W & ST” and are regular, ovoid practice blades (Paukklingen) and exhibit moderate traces of usage.

The turned  bell guards are two inches deep, the five-inches-long crossbar corresponds to their diameter. The knuckle-guard is an angular D-shape.

One weapon has lost the cord-wrapping of its handle, exposing the original hardwood.

These weapons will only be sold as a pair.

Length: 40″

Hilt to Tip: 34″

Balance Point: 2 1/2″ from hilt

Weight: 950 and 1,010 grams each (!).

2016 Price Level: $300.00 for both. Pair will not be split up.

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