Pair of German-Made Fencing Sabers—Deutsche Fechtsäbel, c. 1900-1920

saber1This is a matched pair of German-made Fencing Saber with Distinct Italian Influences.

While the blades and hilts are of German manufacture (both blades have “FH” [Friedrich Hoerster?] and “Solingen” stamped into obverse and reverse), the sinuous curvature of the hilts is that of Radaellian saber guards. Drilled perforations in the guards are practical and not ornamental, some are riveted shut, some remaining unfilled, indicating that the additional quillons of the Radaellian saber could be added without much ado. (See, images of a contemporary Radaellian Kindersäbel (children’s saber) below).

The blades are about 8/16″ near the hilt and have a very modest curvature tapering into a squared tip on one, an inexpertly “tanto-like” clipped point on the other.

The steel hilts are gently curved forward, with wire-wrapped sharkskin handles, and cross-cut steel backstraps. One blade lacks a pommel cap ad shows the hexagonal nut that keeps the threaded tang in position.

Modest traces of practice.

Total Length: 36 1/2″

Blade to Hilt: 30″

Balance Point: 2″ from hilt

Weight: 500 grams each.

2016 Price Range 2: Sold for $300.00 on May 3, 2016.





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