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Antiquarian copies of Fabian von Auerswald’s Ringer=Kunst (Art of Wrestling)

In the early 1860’s, interest in the historical German martial arts enjoyed a substantial and lasting revival. Among the champions of this rediscovery was the Heidelberg philologist, Dr. Karl Wassmannsdorff. He not only was an expert regarding the known German Fechtbücher and Ringen manuscripts and early printed books, but also was actively involved in the Turner (gymnast) movement, authoring and co-authoring instructional books on bayonet fencing, the Eiselen school of cut fencing, as well as general gymnastics and physical exercises.

Wassmannsdorff also was responsible for publishing one of the first lithographic facsimiles of a German Ringerbuch, that of Fabian von Auerswald.

We have a copy listed and still available:

Schmid, G. H. and Wassmannsdorff, Karl, Ringer=Kunst des Fabian von Auerswald, Leipzig: M.G. Priber, 1869; 1st such; 10 plus 90pp, 86 illustrations; disbound in fair condition. $150.00 plus $3.99 s/h.

This was an originally paper-bound, brochured edition. The title sheet is loose, brittle and has several substantive tears around the edges. The text block is printed on better paper and is in good condition.

There are currently two other 19th century copies of Auerswald offered for sale on ZVAB. However, these are the 1890 Wasmuth edition, not the above-listed 1869 Pribner edition. (Not that that makes much of a difference.)

Copy 1  Copy 2

Auerswald2If you’re looking for a sturdier modern edition, we still have several of the 1987/1988 East German reprints in stock. (See, image on the left). The plates are reduced in size compared to the original and the 1869 edition, but it comes in a very nice cardboard case. $40.00 incl. s/h.

Contact the seller by clicking here.

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