Another set of German fencing sabers—Deutsche Fechtsäbel, 1890-1910

s1dThis is a matched pair of German-made Fencing Sabers, probably dating from 1890 to 1910.

This is a set of turn-of-the-century German-made fencing sabers. Made for export, they bear “Made in Germany ##” and [New York-based sports outfitter] “J.H. Lau” stamped into the blades near the hilt.

s1eThe blade curvature is considerable, placing the design for these weapons into a period that preceded the spread of the Italian school in Germany and Austria. Hollow steel tubes have been welded to the guards as a distinctive “Säbelnase”.

Originally covered in leather, the handles are made of strongly ridged hardwood, with some ancient leather remnants still attached.


The steel backstrap is cross-cut to provide a slip-resistant surface for the thumb—indicating that, indeed, the purpose of these weapons was controlled pedestrian  fencing (with the thumb directing the blade) rather than military drills from horseback.

Age-appropriate “Brown Bess patina throughout.



Total Length: 39″

Blade to Hilt: 33 1/4″

Balance Point: 3 1/2″ from hilt

Blade Width Near Hilt: 1 1/4″

Blade Curvature: 15/16″

Weight: 800 grams each.

2016 Price Range 2: $350.00

SOLD 7/7/16


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