Rare Radaellian Children’s Saber—Kindersäbel nach Radaelli-Muster

s2aWho said kids shouldn’t be given pointy steel things to play with—like this Radaelli saber from late 19th-century Germany!

Children’s foils may not be plentiful, but compared to sabers and broadswords, there  are plenty of them around. This pint-size Radaelli is the only one of its kind I’ve ever come across.


The blackened steel hilt (some traces of corrosion) shows the graceful curvature of the Italian model as well as the two quillons that form a halo around the hilt and hand.

The handle is lacquered hardwood, probably missing the leather-and-wire covering of the period. The backstrap is cross-hatched at all the right places.

The slightly curved blade has age-appropriate staining and appears to have been pointed at a later time.

It bears the impring “SOLINGEN” and “F. Schmidt”.


Total Length: 33 1/2″

Tip to Hilt: 27 1/2″

Balance Point: 2″ from hilt

Blade Width Near Hilt: 5/8″

Blade Curvature: 5/8″

Weight: 490g

2016 Price Range 2: $175.00 plus s/h.

ON HOLD (10/4/2016).


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