Three-quarter Hilt German Fencing Saber—Fechtsäbel mit Korbgefäß

s3bThis heavy military-style fencing saber was made for New York-based J.H. Lau Co. within the first decade of the 20th century.


This no-nonsense fencing saber has a military-style three-quarter basket was stamped from a single sheet of metal. The blade has a considerable curve, placing the intended system of usage in the late 19th century… at a considerable distance from any Italian influences. The scrolled “Säbelnase” still hints that one of this curved weapon’s was the “Schneiden”—slicing the opponent’s face or arm after locking his blade between Säbelnase and blade.


The grip is rough sharkskin without wire-wrap. The backstrap is steel, which close to the hilt has been cut into a pointy, diamond-notched thumb rest.

The weapon was made for export and is marked “MADE IN GERMANY” and, on the reverse, “J.H. Lau & Co. New-York”, the famous American importer of fencing weapons. (The hyphen in “New-York” indicates that it was marked in Germany, where the Big Apple was still frequently referred to as “Neu-York”. Age-appropriate patina on hilt and blade.


Total Length: 39″

Blade to Hilt: 33 1/4″

Balance Point: 4″ from hilt

Blade Width Near Hilt: 13/16″

Blade Curvature: 1 1/4″

Weight: 730g.

2016 Price Range 2: $250.00 plus s/h.



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