What this is about

This site aims to provide aficionados of antique and historical swords and edged weapons with a forum and marketplace to buy and sell antique swords.

We started this venture in 2009 with the much narrower focus of German Mensur-related weapons. However, after finding the opportunity to buy other historical fencing, dueling, or military weapons increasingly scarce, we decided to branch out.

The SwordExchange aims at providing both general information on individual swords that may help collectors determine the pertinent informations of their own swords by comparison with other, similar weapons, as well as provide a market for both buyers and sellers. Once sold, the price realized will be added to each post, so the current fair market value of a particular weapon remains visible and can be used by collectors to assess the value of their own, similar weapon.

Listings are free. Other than listing items for sale, SwordExchange takes no part in any transactions, charges no fees or commissions. All sales are private sales arranged between a willing seller and a willing buyer. No representation is made as to the accuracy of third-party listings on this site.

The U.S. Unified Commercial Code applies to all sales. Neither Sword Exchange not Secret Archives Press, LLC, accepts any third-party criminal or civil liability in the context of and relating to transactions in which either was not a seller or a buyer.

For questions, or to list an item, please contact us at secretarchivespress@gmail.com.

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