Three-quarter Hilt German Fencing Saber—Fechtsäbel mit Korbgefäß

s3bThis heavy military-style fencing saber was made for New York-based J.H. Lau Co. within the first decade of the 20th century.




Rare Radaellian Children’s Saber—Kindersäbel nach Radaelli-Muster

s2aWho said kids shouldn’t be given pointy steel things to play with—like this Radaelli saber from late 19th-century Germany!


Another set of German fencing sabers—Deutsche Fechtsäbel, 1890-1910

s1dThis is a matched pair of German-made Fencing Sabers, probably dating from 1890 to 1910.


Matched Pair of Bell-Guard Schläger—Ein Paar Glockenschläger, c. 1890-1920

schlager1Another matched pair of 19th-ct. German-made Glockenschläger with practice blades.


Pair of Bell-Guard Schläger—Ein Paar Paukglocken; late 19th ct.


Matched Set of German-Made Practice Bell-Guard Schläger, c.1890-1910.


Austro-Hungarian Fencing Saber—k.u.k. Fechtsäbel, c. 1890



saber5Hungarian-outfitted fencing saber, c. 1890


Rare Four-Color Basket-Hilt Dress Schläger—Paradeschläger mit vierfarbigem Korb, c. 1950


Paradekorb, paradeschlägerA dress Schläger with rare four-color basket and etched blade—

Paradeschläger einer deutschen Verbindung, um 1950.


Pre-WWII Mensur-Schläger of an unknown fraternity, 1930


Mensur-Schläger of an unknown German fraternity, dated 1930.


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Mensur-Schläger of the Corps Borussia Tübingen, 1906

Tübinger Franken Schläger

Engraved Mensur-Schläger, dated 1906—

Mensurschläger der Tübinger Preußen mit Dedikation, 1906..


German second’s saber—Sekundantensäbel


Second’s saber for German saber duels—Sekundantenspeer für Säbelmensuren, late 19th or early 20th century


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