Austro-Hungarian Fencing Saber—k.u.k. Fechtsäbel, c. 1890



saber5Hungarian-outfitted fencing saber, c. 1890


For sale as of April 20, 2016

drei Schläger for saleThe April 2016 List…

Free Resources: A Leather-Hilted Foil, Scotland, c. 1810

Leather Hilted Foil

An early example of marketing in fencing…


A First-edition Salvatore Fabris

first edition salvatore fabric for sale

This is a complete copy of the Italian-laguage first “Waltkirch” edition.


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Rare Four-Color Basket-Hilt Dress Schläger—Paradeschläger mit vierfarbigem Korb, c. 1950


Paradekorb, paradeschlägerA dress Schläger with rare four-color basket and etched blade—

Paradeschläger einer deutschen Verbindung, um 1950.


Pre-WWII Mensur-Schläger of an unknown fraternity, 1930


Mensur-Schläger of an unknown German fraternity, dated 1930.


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Mensur-Schläger of the Corps Borussia Tübingen, 1906

Tübinger Franken Schläger

Engraved Mensur-Schläger, dated 1906—

Mensurschläger der Tübinger Preußen mit Dedikation, 1906..


Basket-hilt Schläger—Korbschläger, 19th century.

Schöner Korbschläger mit überlanger Klinge

Practice Basket-Hilt Schläger, first half of the 19th century—

Paukschläger early 19th century (Germany).


German second’s saber—Sekundantensäbel


Second’s saber for German saber duels—Sekundantenspeer für Säbelmensuren, late 19th or early 20th century


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Early Basket-Hilt Schläger—Biedermeier Paukschläger

Paukschläger mit konischer Nuß

Early Basket-Hilt Schläger with Iron Cross, 19th ct. —

Biedermeier Korbschläger mit Eisernem Kreuz, early 19th century (Germany).